About M

Yeah we’ll get a biography here if this blog takes off.


Basics: as of today (Nov 2017) I’m 27, recently retired, location independent, no ties, have one home base in the Mediterranean that I got for my immediate family (mom/dad, bros, and dogs).  I go there to hibernate in during the winter months.

I went to a top school (“best in the world”) that ended up being utter shit, left after two years to do my own thing, and now am reaping the benefits of a life designed exactly as I wanted.

Original inspiration for me to do all this came from Vicky Christina Barcelona, which I saw in ’08, and Casanova’s memoirs, which I read one and a half of in 2013.

Shout out to Ricky Roma for getting me started in daygame last summer, shout out to Steve Jabba who I hit some strip clubs with a year ago, shout out to Krauser for giving me access to the Black Book and asking for nothing in return.  Plus all the info on his blog.  All good guys, even though the former two have disappeared from the public eye.

Outside of game I train intermittently and stay lean.  Girls say I look like a men’s physique competitor, but I don’t go on stage so it’s slightly less gay.

Professionally, I’ve started a few companies (nothing to do with software or programming), one ended up hitting it big, more or less by luck, so that part of my life’s taken care of.

I also like to write.  If you have a Kindle you’ve probably seen my stuff, although maybe not read it.

Your girl’s read it, though.

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