+1 Belgrade and I just don’t give a fuck

Think being sick for this long has sapped me of all caring.  Just don’t give a single fuck about anything, except waiting things out to get better.

Ever since this damn virus hit me I’ve been trying to push through it.  Each day I push, the next I basically regress 2x.

So it’s been a stupid pattern that I’m breaking out of.  Already wasted a week and a half inside my room.

Did get a +1, though.

Nothing special.  Girl was basically on from the start.  Messaged her a lot over Whatsapp as she was the only thing keeping me sane while bed-bound.  Hooked her deep over half a week.  Probably bad form to do so but I was bored.

She came over Saturday night, I met her half a block from my place around 21:30, went straight up, banged all night.  Slept maybe half an hour until she left the next day at 11 — that was a bad call.  Absolutely sapped whatever remaining strength I had left.  But, because I’m an idiot, I decided make an even worse call.  So I went to shower, have some coffee, and met up with Nick and one of his buddies (don’t know his online pseudonym so for now he’ll remain nameless).

Ten minutes after first bite of food I get massive abdominal cramps, wtf.  And then I break out in total-body cold sweat.  Also fucked.  Dizzy, light-headed, on the verge of passing out.

No clue what’s going on.  Shit was weird.

Anyway ten minutes later it passed… but again, instead of doing the smart thing and going home to sleep, I went with the guys for a walkabout.  One hour, maybe two… too much for a system already fucked over by dehydration, sleep deprivation, oh and a persistent virus that’s lasted longer than any I’ve had before.

So that fucking took everything out of me.  When I finally got home I (once again) collapsed in bed, and spent the next three hours on the verge of vomiting / passing out / feeling like death.  Bed smelled of sex, too, and in my then-current condition it repulsed me.

Here’s +1 message that buddies got:

+1 belgrade

(yeah and we kept fucking after that)

The end.

EDIT: Not the end, forgot psycho thing, girl is going crazy thinking she’s pregnant, a day later, but doesn’t want to take the pill.

Gotta spread dem white genes etc etc.



Istanbul Update

Spoiler: 0-for-3

Lying in bed in my Belgrade apartment sick as a fucking dog.  Haven’t been sick for two years and now it hits basically second week of eurojaunt season.  Phenomenal.

Luckily Belgrade streets are currently quiet, so not missing much action.

Thought a half-assed update would be a good idea.

Istanbul: nice city, clean, lots of people, lots of traffic, and a lot of no English.

At the end I got too annoyed to bother.

Had three almost pulls.

One was with a short Turkish girl right off street stop, third day.  Went on idate for an hour.  Got cocky and tried to pull back home.  She got spooked at the door and ran off.

No problem, these are the highlights not the norm.

Second was with a blonde Ukrainian chick.  WhatsApp pic:


Can’t be bothered to tell full story because it was just epic misunderstanding.  We met at 11pm near city square.  Obviously came to fuck, meeting context was very clear.

She told me she was flying out next morning to Ukraine.  Okay, I thought, I’ve got a few hours.  I assumed the flight was a regular morning flight, like 10am or something.

So we meet, start walking around for a bit, toward distant liquor store in the exact opposite direction of my place.  It’s the only one I know that’s open.  Tension is there, I let it build, diffuse a bit, build again.  Strong eye contact etc, girl knows what’s up.

So do I, except at 1am she announces Oh my flight is at 5 i gotta go!

*Face palm*.  Fucking idiot.  Whole time we were walking she was probably thinking “What the fuck is this guy doing, taking so long?”

Anyway there was that.  Girl is down but I don’t properly probe logistics and off she goes.

One other.  Street stop from second day.  Have no idea what girl looks like after, but on messages she’s keen.  Only had this to go by:


So okay, whatever, I remembered she had decent eyes.  I think the night I was with Ukrainian girl this one wanted to meet, so I put her off for next day.  Number I got from her wasn’t empty number, it was number explicitly gotten in order to meet up the next day.

Much easier to text when context is clear from the start.

Anyway not much to tell.  When I saw her I was underwhelmed, and when I saw her body even more so.  Looked fine in clothes but she had terrible muscle tone, almost like she’d been anorexic or sick once before, then got back to regular weight but without getting any of the lost muscle back.

+0 message to buddy says it all:

plus zero

The end.

(Got one lead who’s a done deal here in Belgrade, but haven’t banged her yet because sick.  She’s hotter than these two average chicks.  Hotter, but still average.)