Jaunting Schedule

Setting off for a week in Istanbul on the 2nd, then a week in Greece, then at least two weeks in Serbia.  Serbia leg is where things really begin, I’m thinking, just due to longer term settling down (eyeballing extending those two weeks to four or even six).  We’ll see how I like it. Meeting a bunch of guys in that little span, too. Who gets along with whom and how the wing chemistry is determines length of Serbia stay.  DG guys seem to scatter like the wind after a brief period gaming together, so I’m keeping all options open, but no exact plans for May-onward.

Russia, Belarus, other big cities in the Balkans all options for there. Once things start I don’t intend on stpping until November/December, aside from maybe a brief interlude (2-4 weeks) back in home base midsummer. Only because I think 9 or 10 months straight, my first year, I might risk burn out.