Road to Mastery

One of the great things about starting daygame in the year 2018, is that so much of the journey to mastery has already been documented.

When I say this I’m speaking specifically of Krauser.  I’m nearly done his second memoir, which is word-for-word his best written narration yet.  Balls Deep, the first one, had lots of great insights but was bogged down a bit by a non-linear story telling.  I read his fourth memoir a few month back, whenever it was released, with basically no prior exposure to the daygame world.  The story inside was good, but the writing there was very much hampered by (I suspect) the first draft audio narration he did.  Writing quality was nowhere near what he posts on his blog, and it’s no wonder: sitting down and consciously putting pen to paper is a much different process than narrating things out loud.  Writing is one skill, speaking another, and when you try converting the latter to the former you end up with something significantly subpar.

(Look at a transcript of a Donald Trump speech.  It’s nonsensical.  Then go and watch the same speech, and be blown away by how cohesive it is.)

I digress.  Today in the mail I received Daygame Infinite. Weighty tome.  And exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, despite, admittedly, being a rank beginner when it comes to the technicalities of daygame.

I’ve never been expressly interested in blindly racking up notches.  Grotty girls don’t interest me.  Sub-7 girls don’t interest me.  Even 7’s are really only going to be there at the start for the practice.  Not that I think I’m above guys who go for them — we have different goals.

My goal is to reach a level of proficiency in the game that would be objectively called mastery.  It would mean sufficient competence in a new system.  Excellence appeals to me, and game is the embodiment of that.

Journey only starts once you reach the top.

Banging whores in Thailand, in contrast, even for free, has zero appeal (did that once last year on Koh Phangan around the time of a Full Moon party).

Success is objective.  Right now I’m here standing on the shoulders of men who’ve come before me.  My suspicion is that, because the path has been laid out clearly, it’s possible to sidestep a lot of the traps and hiccups of stagnation and progress faster than the original pioneers.   Why shouldn’t it be?  They were stumbling around in the dark, not knowing where the peak was or if it had already come.  When I read something like Infinite, or Nick’s final memoir, it shows me what the peak is.

That’s what I’m striving for.  I want to reach the same level of competence, because only at that point will I be able to branch out and advance this field on my own.  Any tweaks or modifications or whatnot made before that point would make me feel like an impostor; ie, who the hell am I to try to advance something that men with many years more experience than me have perfected?

There will be lots of trappings on my journey.  I’m not looking for any shortcuts.  I know it will take years to reach high-level competence.  I’m ready for that.

The thing I don’t want is to fall into a comfortable lull at, say, the intermediate level, and never go past that.  Yesterday I saw a YT interview with a guy a few years older than me, who’s been doing this nine years.

Nine years, and he honestly comes across as somebody who’s maybe six months in.

So yes you can put in the time.  But time without an express purpose becomes time spent running around in circles.  If other guys start off this journey with a goal of banging X many chicks, then they can happily slide into relative mediocrity and clack off one or two chicks a month until they get to that number.

Numbers don’t matter to me.  Mastery does.

Anyway, I realize this is all highly narcissistic and ego-driven.  So be it.  One advantage I do have at this point is there aren’t any lingering inner game issues to deal with.  The majority of guys coming into game are doing so from a bad place.  I’m entering it from a position of strength — the way my life looks right now is exactly as I’d want it to look when I retire from game.  It didn’t come overnight.  It took years to build.

But the effort was worth it, because it rewarded me with two of the most valuable things in life:

Complete control of my time, and unfettered freedom.

In a way it’s a little bit disappointing that on the journey to mastery there won’t be anything new.  All the things I discover have been discovered before, and already documented.  That’s why mastery is the goal, right from the start.

It is only from that point that true discovery begins.

(I’m not talking about little things, such as how to properly escalate girl X in situation Y, which, while novel to me, is common practice for guys with years of high-level experience)

One final point.  Lots of this post was spent rambling on about things that don’t appeal to me.  Well then, what does?

Soul collection.  Deep conversion.  Being the one man in a girl’s life who she has the strongest connection with, any time in the past and any time in the future.  All with high quality women.

(I’ve also done this successfully in the past,  so deep conversion is a skill, albeit unconscious, already in my repertoire)

Again, all Nick’s terms.  Using them feels almost like plagiarism.  But he’s the guy who put in the intellectual effort to deconstruct this stuff.  This blog will be my watering hole where I attempt the same thing, because it’s only though introspection and analysis that’s it’s possible to progress to the level I want to be at.

2 thoughts on “Road to Mastery”

  1. I wish you the best of luck. I saw your comment on game for 5s a while back and have been checking in here intermittently since to see if you would start posting. It is a pleasant surprise to see that your writing flows so well and that you seem to have a strong starting point with your inner game handled. I hope that you stick around as we need new up and comers to push the game forward, Nick has done excellent work but who really knows how far away we still are from optimal.

    [Cheers man, and thanks. We’ll see how it goes. I think my biggest trap is going to be the ease with which I can inadvertently slip back into my (current) life. As I said, it’s exactly how I’d envision post-game retirement, so it’s more than just creature comforts: all of the manslow pyramid needs are met and I’m very happy occupying this spot indefinitely.

    That’s why game interests me: it’s the only real avenue of challenge left. I also don’t know if there’s anything more “real” out there. Business I’ve done, academia I’ve done, I guess politics is the only thing I haven’t but even within that you’re operating in a somewhat closed system. And I always joke anyway that when I hit my 50’s and tire of game, after two and a half decades or so, I can re-emerge into the world and give politics a go.

    My hope is within six months of starting I’ll have a solid grip on the technicalities aspects that’s now second nature to all the veteran guys. Maybe that’s overly optimistic, but who knows. The point of this blog is to keep me accountable, and to provide a venue of introspection, because that’s what leads to growth.

    Oh, and much like Nick, I’ll be sharing photos, videos, transcripts of chats with girls etc. No armchair jockeying allowed. -M.]


  2. Just saw this on a trackback. When you’ve got a few more posts under your belt and want more visibility, let me know and I’ll updated the Daygame Blogs list.

    [Eurojaunt starts late March so I’ll be updating then. Cheers. -M]


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