Why I never liked nightgame

Reading Nick Krauser’s first memoir, it struck me that we are very similar in our distaste for nightgame.

Ironically, the pre-game version of Nick had more night time success than the post-game version of me.  Then again, I haven’t been actively practicing game since college.  Let me explain.

I read Mystery Method in summer of ’08, right before I left for university.  Right away I felt like I had been given a super power — the whole world of male-female dynamics was opened up to me.  What that manifested into was a hell of a lot of confidence in the two week orientation period.  Over that time I set my own personal best of most notches in a single fortnight (six).  Looking back, it wasn’t so much game as it was just brash arrogance coupled with the “new beginnings” sort of euphoria that was in the air.

I wouldn’t even say I ran good game.  I was just social, talked to a hell of a lot of girls, felt like all of them were open to me (since everybody was new), and managed to pull the most enthusiastic ones back to the dorm for some quick and grotty lays.  I remember getting only two bad reactions the whole time, and I must have chatted up 100+ different girls.

(FYI: the quality of girls at my university was absolute shit, so this is nothing to write home about)

Prime SMV college girls, circa 2008


It took me about the same two weeks to realize the school I’d been promised was an absolute illusion, a total sham, and thus all my enthusiasm for game died.  Once classes started everybody became reclusive and anti-social.  The girls, who had at least a little bit of feminine energy at the onset, became gray and dreary, as did the weather.

I went out a few times to the parties and half-assed some classic MM game, but fuck, I was 18 and out of my depth.  Still managed to score a few make outs, but never any pulls.

I left school two years in, never finished my degree, and switched gears to focus on financial stability for the eurojaunt lifestyle I’d already committed to.*

In Nick’s memoir there are two girls who both chose him, at night, when he was in college.  He banged both, but they were the ones to initiate and lead him to the end.

That never happened to me at night.  The six girls I’d slept with were all met during the day.  Running into one of them later at a party and taking her home does not a nightgame make, in my eyes.

But overall, the whole nightlife experience turned me off chasing women there.  Ironically, I have the body and height for it — but no desire.

It always felt degrading to compete with other drunken idiots at night, almost like a betrayal of my real value.  I just didn’t want to do it, never saw the appeal.  I always said I’d rather meet the girl during the day, with no alcohol involved, and win her on my personality and charisma instead of body and looks, which any moron can have.

But!  I do realize now, as I sit here in my old childhood bedroom at my parent’s home, chomping at the bit to get the fuck over to Europe and begin this damn adventure that I’ve been working toward my whole life, that I will have to learn nightgame, at some point on this journey.

Enter Balls Deep.


Towards the end of the book Nick gives a story of a Friday night in Latvia where he and his buddy Lee decide to try “rapid escalation” on the whole of a club.

In his words:

“…The idea of rapid escalation is to go in right away with a strong sexual energy and momentum.  Escalate everything quickly.  No numbers.  No facebooks.  No dates.  Gun for the fast lay with a purity of purpose, no distractions, no temptation to back off and escape with a number.”

Further along, he explains the strategy with a bit more detail:

“My only opener for the whole night was

(i) seductive sexual eye
(ii) playful smirk
(iii) direct walk, and
(iv) handshake

Pretty much every girl heard, ‘Hi, I’m Nick’ and was then pulled in.”

He goes on to say it was one of his best nights out ever, with almost every girl hooking, and each girl a quality set.  He didn’t get laid that night but he did have a lot of fun.

The point here really being that this is probably the only type of nightgame I can tolerate.  At least at the start of my journey.  I’m jotting it down here so that next time I go out at night, I can refer back to the post and remember rapid escalation.

First time I do it I’ll post it up.  Eurojaunt kicks off March 17th this year.  In early February I’m leaving Vancouver, and going over to the Mediterranean to set up a home base for me and my family.  Somewhere I can return to during winter hibernation to just chill out and relax.  In the interim, I’ve got Nick’s Daygame Infinite coming, which is more than enough theory.

So really, we’re just over two months away from getting started.  Theory’s coming together, now I’m itching for action.


* Except back then it didn’t have a name attached to it.  I was just inspired by: (1) Vicky Christina Barcelona, (2) Cassanova’s first memoir, (3) my spate of success in the first two weeks; and (4) Tim Ferris’s idea of the four hour work week, where my life could be dedicated to reading, traveling, and chasing women.  A mortgaged white picket fence with five kids was never for me.


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