M Daygame Coming 2018

First Eurojaunt season starts in 2018.

We’ll see if updating this blog with adventures and stories of travels will be of any interest for me long-term.  It might, since I’m a narcissistic asshole super nice guy.

For now, enjoy the placeholder:


Nice stove.

4 thoughts on “M Daygame Coming 2018”

  1. Hi
    You have a nice blog. Have you ever done Daygame in big consevative cities like Yerevan,Istanbul,Baku,Beirit,Ankara,Yerevan,Tbilisi,…? Can you give some tips to get laid in these kind of places?

    [No, because I haven’t left North America since arriving as a four year old kid. 2018 euojaunt starts soon, and my lifestyle is set up to take full advantage. Yereven I might be interested in since I have some Armenian ancestry. M.]


  2. I saw again the fake infield of Tom Torero (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9RX7tOq9TU) and I though that it may not be fake and Krauser didn’t tell the truth. Tom doesn’t need to make fake one.
    What’s you idea?

    [I don’t know if you’re trying to spam your youtube channel, but I’ll take you on good faith for now that you’re not. As for the question, I’ll defer to Krauser since he actually lives and breathes this whereas I’m just getting started. M.]


    1. Actually in the past I thought Tom made the fake infield but after I read his book “Daygame” and test the method practically, it worked for me.
      So now I think Tom is real or at least he mixes truth and lies.


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