On 5/10 Males

Comment I made on krauserpua.com in response to some guy complaining about 5/10 males having bad luck:

If you want to be good at game long term you must raise your own SMV. A 5/10 male has no business learning game before getting himself sorted. Game isn’t this magical “hack” that 5/10 faggots can use to start banging high quality YHT girls.

If you’re 5/10 and care about looks, fix them. If your education is lacking and you have no worldly experience, get started on remedying that. You’re fat? Lose weight. Skinny? Start training. Dumb? Ugly? Ugly usually has to do with either being fat and out of shape plus poor grooming. Very very few men are actually facially ugly enough for it to be a dealbreaker — and even then you can get invisalign, cosmetic surgery, etc etc.

Unless you’re a total 5’1″ manlet you shouldn’t worry too much about height.

My point is that good game is aimed at helping already high value men. Nick graduated from a top school and worked at an investment bank — he was successful. Mystery was tall and good looking. Steve was also good looking. Yad youor whoever the fat out of shape DG guy is has basically no superior traits, and reading through Nick’s archive his results align perfectly with that. He becomes a girl’s gay best friend.

Truth is the majority of men aren’t suited for daygams. I’m reminded of this joke of a video, showing the sorts the commercial PUAs prey on:

As for me? I spent my early to mid twenties developing a location independent, passive income stream. I’m tall and good looking, but even so I plopped down $10k to get invisalign at 23. I take care of my skin, take care of my fashion, have good style, and train to look like one of those physique competitors. I’m inherently high value outside of game, and so getting started last summer I never felt like I was cheating anyone or being dishonest — it was just the final small addition to my life once everything else was settled.

2 thoughts on “On 5/10 Males”

  1. Hey, I actually saw this comment on K’s blog but now I’ve come across it again…
    I agree with the above about self-improvement, but see it as a two pronged attack. Improve your SMV to bring your value into line with higher value girls, and simultaneously improve your Game to give you better reach above your current valuation.
    Game isn’t just YHT or 2 points hotter, it’s simply above and beyond what society expects or would dole out to you on factors including looks, quantity, and speed.
    – TC

    [Agreed. You and I are in a much better position to take advantage of game than most entrants into the arena. M.]


  2. Hey M,
    Nice to see another blog growing from scratch and with a different background of the man getting into the game other than the classic „shy introverted almost aspi tackling this area for good and ending as a master and PUA pro“ story of the Gamblers, Toreros and Krausers of this world.
    It will be interesting for me to see how fast you will achieve mastery and what your mental challenges will be uncovered during the journey.
    And the video is horrible, I couldn‘t watch it to the end—in German, we have the word ‚fremdschämen‘ which means feeling embarrassment for someone else who makes a fool out of him/herself.
    But I know the guy, he looks like Vince Kalvin whom I had seen infield years ago when he was on an event in my hometown here in Germany. He was not bad in kind of hypnotising the target and had a female wing with him, dunno where this lead to. Only thing I know is that the German ‚PUA coach‘ who organized the event was an absolute moron.
    Anyway, looking forward to your future posts.

    [Thanks brother. I think it took Krauser about three years to reach the inner-game level of self acceptance level I’m starting from. This isn’t hubris or anything, it’s just my impression from reading his book. Once he got there, his results became proportionate to the value he brings and probably had within him from the start. I’ve got great respect for him.

    Torero, absolutely not. I commented on another blog (daysofgame) that the first video I saw of him, immediately red lights flashed that something was off. If you want to know more, read Krauser’s second memoir. He didn’t speak of it publicly because he’s got integrity, but details are in the book.

    And yeah the guy’s Vince Kelvin. I’ve been desperately trying to find the whole documentary. No luck so far. It’s an absolute train wreck, and for some reason I can’t look away — I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by the obscene, especially when it’s so clearly wrong and yet you’ve got guys buying it hook line and sinker. Fremdschämen is exactly how I felt watching it, and some sense of perverse pleasure makes me want to see more. Haha.



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